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About eGym

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About eGym

    The eGym story

    The two founders of eGym, Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer (CEO) and Florian Sauter (CTO), both come from near Stuttgart, Germany. Philipp studied Business Administration in Munich, New York, and Aarhus and holds an honors degree in technology management from the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). Florian studied electrical engineering and information technology in Munich and Berkeley.

    Philipp first had the idea behind eGym in 2008 in a dusty fitness room in the basement of Columbia University in New York. The gym’s equipment was outdated and people were still training as they did in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s time. Armed with his first iPhone, Philipp looked at the situation and wondered why, when IT was changing the whole world so rapidly, fitness studios had remained unchanged since the ‘60s and ‘70s.

    Back in Germany, he began working on realizing his vision of a modern, digitalized fitness studio with Florian Sauter. At the end of 2010, the two founded eGym GmbH in Munich. Two years later, and the first fully electronic eGym strength machines went out into gyms and fitness studios.

    eGym’s vision: Make the gym work for everyone

    Today, eGym offers state-of-the-art concepts for efficient organization of training areas in fitness studios and health-related facilities, such as physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy) practices and rehabilitation clinics. eGym has now developed the full infrastructure for digital value creation in gyms and healthcare facilities:

    • 18 internet-connected and fully electronic eGym exercise machines for all major muscle groups. Users simply select their training goal and automatically receive a personalized training program.

    • The eGym Trainer and Fitness apps for mobile and efficient member support: digital training plans, tracking, and performance evaluation.

    • The eGym ONE open cloud platform with interfaces for a constantly expanding list of devices, fitness equipment, and partner apps – creating a perfectly connected training area.

    • fle-xx – the modern equipment-based muscle length and mobility training and its automated, software-controlled variant, efle-xx, which is fully motorized and connected to eGym ONE.

    • The platform, which enables people to find the right gym for them to book a non-binding test training session – free of charge and risk-free for both parties.